States CEPI member companies’ commitments to address illegal logging. Commitments include: to operate in full compliance with laws; to purchase only wood that is legally harvested; to set up traceability systems to ensure compliance; to document the legality of the wood purchased and build internal staff capacity to implement the commitment.

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Forest production


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Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI)

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Members commit to set up and use reliable verification/tracking systems and use third-party certification chain of custody to document the wood flow.

Information Accuracy

Members commit to set up and use reliable verification systems, apply third-party certification of the chain of custody, and EMS.


Members commit to full compliance with all applicable laws related to logging and purchasing wood. Members commit to implement procurement procedures that comply with laws corresponding to the underlying principles of the EMS. The legality of purchased wood is to be appropriately documented; support and cooperation with governments in their action to halt illegal logging is expected.