Helps link business to responsibly managed forests. TFT members commit to sourcing from sustainable forests that are credibly certified, or TFT forest projects advancing towards credible forest certification. TFT supports companies to establish wood control systems that ensure no undesirable wood enters into their products.

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Supply Chain Focus

Forest production




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The Forest Trust

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Identifies origin of raw materials for members’ products and conducts field scoping to ensure basic legality requirements are met as a minimum first step. Provides guidance on procurement policies; assists members to establish chain of custody systems and provides monitoring of such systems.

Information Accuracy

Promotes third-party certification. Provides second-party monitoring for members through the supply chain: monitoring members’ progress towards credible forest certification standard levels in forest operations; monitoring traceability of wood in processing facilities; and monitoring wood use and sourcing to decrease that from unwanted sources and increase use of good wood.


Evaluates operations’ compliance with basic legality requirements through field checks. Establishes and monitors supply management systems in forest operations and processing facilities and provides guidance towards specific legal standards.


Promotes SFM by providing technical guidance in forest operations towards credible forest certification. Promotes increased efficiency in forest management through training on reduced impact logging practices.

Unique Forest Values

Promotes sourcing from production forests and avoiding wood from unwanted sources such as protected areas.

Social Aspects

Trains forest companies to implement all social elements of FSC certification. Encourages business to donate directly to community forest programs.

Fresh and Recycled Fiber

Promotes verification of recycled status.


Through the Climate Tree Initiative, promotes conservation of tropical forests to reduce greenhouse emissions and protect climate. Advocates ways to be carbon responsible.