The NEPCon LegalSource Programme offers third party certification for forest product traders, processors and forest managers, confirming that they exercise due care to reduce the risk of sourcing and trading illegally harvested forest products. The LegalSource standard is designed to be compatible with laws that are established or coming into place in the US, EU and Australia, with the aim of excluding material originating from illegal harvesting from their markets. The standard is also applicable to forest operations and companies that export to such markets or simply want to reduce the risk of sourcing illegal forest products.

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NEPCon Forest Legality Programme



The program offers tools, templates, procedures, training to design and implement a due diligence system. Organizations using the LegalSource standard are required to compile and store information about the supply chain detailed enough to allow a meaningful risk assessment.

Information Accuracy

The LegalSource program audits and certifies compliance with the participant’s due diligence system.


The LegalSource standard provides a system for organisations to reduce the risk of sourcing illegally harvested and traded forest products. The standard enables companies to apply a precise risk specification in their supply chain and to aim risk mitigating actions at the specified risks.

Social Aspects

The legality definition applied in the LegalSource standard includes social issues in so far as they are regulated by law in the country of harvest.